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  onGO product Suite    
  onGO Features onGO covers the entire information management systems spectrum (CIM) including compilation, security, distribution, and archiving.
  onGO DMS server
The onGO the DMS server is the technical platform for the implementation of electronic document repositories, accessible at any time both locally and globally.
  onGO onWEB onWEB - viewing, downloading, revising, and uploading of document/files over the inter/Intranet. Using standard Web Browsers, simple to integrate into existing inter/Intranet environments and customisable to maintain the Corporate Design.  
  onGO DocRouter onGO DocRouter - The information delivery service! Without releasing a data avalanche, DocRouter supplies by means of individual interest profiles and content analysis, users with information requested.  
  onGO onSearch For intelligent search and classification of data, onSearch in addition to standard search features offers advanced full text and associative searches.  
  onGO inMotion onGO inMotion is a mobile DMS component, giving users the ability to search documents without the need for direct server connection.  
  onGO MAILocate onGO MAILocate - Using rule-based logic automatically forwards all emails into your document management system. During this process attachments are released, linked with the content of the email message and full text indexed for later searching.