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onGO Server

The infrastructure of modern electronic data processing (EDP) environments mainly consist of data and configuration administration systems, and hyperlink mechanism and database administration systems. In order to assure the access and availability both locally and globally the creation of a shared electronic store, the electronic document repository (EDR) is recommended.

Within the onGO product portfolio the DMS server is the technical platform for the implementation of the electronic document repository. It saves, controls, and administers all documents/folders which are to be accessed.

The onGO DMS server is based on a database and one or more storerooms. Metadata of the documents/folders (not the documents/folders themselves) and administration data (e.g. version and revision details, author, creation and change dates, etc) are saved in the database. Furthermore it stores the references to the documents/folders, which are filed in the storeroom. The database and storeroom are therefore seamlessly connected with each other.

Services of the repository

    Library services:
  • Access control for individual documents/folders, document catalogues
  • Check-in/check-out of documents
  • Search functions
    Configuration Management:
  • Relation control between the documents and their components
  • Version and revision control
  • Audit trail of all document changes

Server & Clients

The onGO DMS server represents a “single point of information”, over which other systems (CRM, ERP, portals) access the data. Access to the database via the intra/internet takes place by the use of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), which forms an interface to the web server.

The programming language PHP is used for CGI applications. These program libraries can be directly integrated as modules into the web server Apache. Standard protocols, as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Telnet, POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) or HTTP, are used for the data transmission.

  • Fast implementation into external applications / database systems
  • Scalable solution for any document volume
  • Minimal administration
  • Simple and fast implementation
  • Safe data retention
  • Simple rollout, as only server technologies are being used
  • Later implementation of onGO client modules are possible at any time
  • No change in desktop applications, therefore no additional training for end users.