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onGO MAILocate

The times of horseback messengers are long gone – fortunately for all.

Nowadays communications are delivered via electronic media such as e-mail, accelerating and simplifying the function. However the constantly increasing number of e-mails does have its drawbacks, time gained can be lost in cataloguing messages into important or unimportant, personal or business.

In an idea world, e-mails and their attachments would be automatically be assigned to relevant business processes and stored not in the e-mail client but in a central location where all other relevant business documents are stored.

onGO MAILocate makes this a reality! Independent from your corporate e-mail system onGO MAILocate using rule-based logic automatically forwards e-mails into your document management and information system.

The messages are automatically classified and are allocated to the specified business processes. During this process attachments are released, linked with the content of the e-mail message and full text indexed for later searching. Often messages and attachments require multiple locations, e.g. tenders, which should be available in the project folder of the sales department and the technical folder for tenders. onGO MAILocate does not create copies of the data, but automatically links them with each other instead.

All relevant information is available at the touch of a button. Overcrowded mailboxes, overloaded mail servers, and time-consuming searches belong in the past.

  • Global full text searching within seconds of both archived mail elements and all contents of attached text files.
  • Guaranteed direct access to your e-mail even without mail server connection.
  • Unlimited filing and searching by use of external data mediums.
  • Automatic forwarding of e-mails to onGO DMS (client independent).
  • Manual forwarding of e-mails into personal folders within onGO DMS. The DMS system is therefore protected from SPAM, private or non-corporate related e-mails.
  • Automatic link with cc and bcc. Only one single copy of the file is created in onGO DMS. Further links are created with the high-capacity link mechanism of onGO DMS.
  • Automatic classifying of e-mails by extraction of header information (To, cc, bcc, reference, etc.).
  • Full text indexing of contents and attachments of e-mails.
  • The attachments can be either directly filed into the DMS folder structure with the e-mail message or be made available as a separate file.
  • E-mails can be automatically attached to a logical unit, e.g. to a project by inserting special identification (GR: identifier) to the e-mail message.