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onGO DMS products and the InterNet

onGO onWEB

onGO DMS offers as core technology for the CIM range (information management systems) the following components, these integrate themselves quickly and smoothly into existing infrastructure, Ensuring your web appearance is always current and economical, its coherent administration offers itself to the Web for published and traditionally available documents. Content management is in demand, with onGO DMS you have all the functionalities.

With onGO WEB ACCESS use all the advantages of onGO DMS and decide by the push of a button whether a document is to be published in the Web. Lengthy editing, reviewing, approvals, locating current versions, are void. Web pages are composed dynamically at the point of access using the published data from the DMS system. This ensures the correct and current information is always available. Documents planned for Web content do not even have to be in the HTML format, onGO WEB ACCESS will convert to html on the fly. This technology allows for a DM self-service realm to be created for customers and business partners, access to restricted documents can be controlled by the use of a username and password.

onGO onWEB goes a step further, not just a viewer, but also allows the checking out, editing/revision, checking in/publishing, and the creation of documents and files over the inter and Intranet. onWEB integrates itself by the use of standard Web Browsers into the existing inter/Intranet environment of the enterprise and can be customised to match the corporate design.

The use of well-known structures/environments enables a high user acceptance and thereby increases productivity.

With the use of onGO WebDAV technology the Internet integrates into your Desktop. Not only simple file transfers, the onGO WebDAV Client also controls access authorisations, the management of off-lines files, revision/version details, and data integrity.

Whatever business forms you need to maintain onGO DMS creates the necessary infrastructure, and adapts to the requirements of your business dynamically.