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onGO InMotion

Modern information management systems (IMS) and document management systems (DMS) must meet ever increasing demands. The DMS should support the entire life cycle of a document in the LAN, via the web, and now even mobile access, from creation, amendment, administering and distribution, though to archiving.

Fast moving markets require higher availability, permanent presence, and greater flexibility from all participants. Because of the accelerated and transparent information flow, information must be placed at the user’s disposal at any place and at any time for fast and safe decision-making. Only then effective working is possible. onGO inMotion enables the neutralisation of media clashes or communication barriers between mobile and static information. All information is therefore digitally available and can be searched, no matter whether it exists in mobile or static form.

onGO inMotion offers the ability to search documents independent of onGO DMS - on the desktop via index or full text search. The documents are recorded on to CD or DVD (self-supporting DMS) and can be used without direct connection to the onGO DMS server.

Application examples

  • Project Documentation

As a project manager you want to forward the current released status of development to suppliers without access to the live-system.

  • Manuals

As a machine tool manufacturer you want to deliver the operation manuals together with the machine

  • ISO-9000 / 2000

For a certification the current status of the process has to be traceable, demonstrated and made available for the certification body.

  • Catalogues

You want to place your extensive product portfolio at the dispo­sal to your customers, so that it is searchable at any time.

  • Plans

As a building owner you have to place building plans at the disposal of craftsmen, meaning that it has to be available without online connection.

onGO inMotion offers the following possibilities:

Definable interface - you can adapt the design of the self-supporting archive to
the corporate identity of your company within no time.

Data - document, index-data, authorisations and access protocol can be
alternatively exported onto the CD.

Navigation - HTML supported through hyperlinks.

  • Easy handling
  • Scalable solution for any volume of documents
  • Freezing of defined project status
  • Simple creation of product CDs, manuals etc.
  • Easy distribution of information
  • Later implementation of onGO client modules is possible at any time