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Use this form to automatically register your Uniplex Software license(s). You must register in order to obtain the unlock codes needed to license and activate your software.

This form is provided for Americas customers only. Customers for all other regions are required to email their activation details to

If you need an immediate response, complete the Information Request form. A Uniplex salesperson will contact you at once to provide the data you require.

The details of your software keys are printed on the License Agreement & Registration Guide form that you received with your software. Please enter details exactly as printed on that form. Your activation codes will be e-mailed to you at the email address you enter on this page

Please provide the following demographic information about the End User site 

where the software is installed:  

End User Organization:                     

Department Name (if any):                  

End User Contact Name (first/m.i./last):   

End User Contact Title/Position:           

End User Telephone Number:                 

End User Facsimile Number:                 

End User E-mail Address:                   

Address Line 1:                            

Address Line 2:                            


State/County/Province, Postal Code:        


Did you purchase the software directly from Uniplex or from a reseller?

      Uniplex Direct                     Uniplex Reseller  

Please complete this section only if you purchased from a reseller:  

Reseller Company Name:                     

Reseller Telephone Number:                 

Reseller Facsimile Number:                 

Address Line 1:                            

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State/County/Province, Postal Code:        


Please indicate the hardware platform on which this license will be installed:  

 Bull DPX/20, Escala/Estrella: AIX    Intel x86/Pentium: Sun Interactive Unix 

 Cetia PowerEngine: AIX               Intel x86/Pentium: Sun Solaris x86 

 Compaq Alpha AXP: Tru64 Unix         Motorola PowerPC: AIX 

 Data General AViiON (88K): DG/UX     NCR 3000: System V R4 

 Data General AViiON (x86): DG/UX     Sequent Symmetry: DYNIX/ptx 

 Hewlett-Packard 9000: HP-UX          Siemens Nixdorf RM400:(Sinix) 

 Hitachi SR4300: AIX                  Siemens Pyramid MIServer/Nile: DC/OSx 

 IBM RS/6000: AIX                     Sun SPARC: Solaris 

 ICL DRS 6000: DRS/NX                 Unisys U6000/1x-6x: System V 

 Intel x86/Pentium: Linux             Unisys U6000/7x-8x: DYNIX/ptx 

 Intel x86/Pentium: SCO OpenServer    Unisys Aquanta: UnixWare 

 Intel x86/Pentium: SCO UnixWare      Other:   

 Version 9 License    Version 10 License 

How many license keys are you entering?               

Privacy Note: We will use this information to update our customer database and to put you on our mailing list for new release and new product information. Please contact our Webmaster at if you have any problems with this procedure.