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UMS / UBS Information Request Form

Uniplex will be glad to have one of our salespeople contact you to provide more information about any of our products, pricing, or support and consulting services that we provide. Please fill out the form below in order to give us some helpful background information about your organization and to tell us how to contact you.

      USA/Canada/Mexico/South America 
      UK/Europe/Middle East/Africa/Asia/Pacific
Name (first/m.i./last):
Address Line 1:
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State/County/Province, Postal Code:
Telephone Number:
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Please indicate the Unix system(s) in use at your organization:

Bull DPX/20, Escala/Estrella: AIX Intel x86/Pentium:Sun Interactive
Cetia PowerEngine: AIX Intel x86/Pentium:Sun Solaris x86
Compaq Alpha AXP: Tru64 Unix Motorola PowerPC: AIX
Data General AViiON (88K): DG/UX NCR 3000: System V R4
Data General AViiON (x86): DG/UX Sequent Symmetry: DYNIX/ptx
Hewlett-Packard 9000: HP-UX Siemens Nixdorf RM400:Reliant Unix
Hitachi SR4300: AIX Siemens Pyramid MIS/Nile:DC/OSx
IBM RS/6000: AIX Sun SPARC: Solaris
ICL DRS 6000: DRS/NX Unisys U6000/1x-6x: System V
Intel x86/Pentium: Linux Unisys U6000/7x-8x: DYNIX/ptx
Intel x86/Pentium: SCO OpenServer Unisys Aquanta: UnixWare
Intel x86/Pentium: SCO UnixWare Other:

What type of desktop devices do your Unix users have?

List number of users: Dumb Terminal X Window Terminal X Window Workstation PC Terminal Emulation PC X Window Emulation
List Uniplex modules, version number, and key number if a current user (i.e., “II Plus & AOS 7.02b 4062929”). The version number and key number can be found on the line above the main menu screen of your Uniplex software: Existing users, please check off the type of information that you need: Add Users/Features On-site Consulting Platform Change Product Upgrade Support Contract Training Class Explain your situation and how else we may assist you: