The following technical notes are available to be downloaded. They are all in Uniplex WP format. The Ver. column is used to indicate that the note is specific to a version (e.g. 6.10), For versions earlier or later than a version (>/<8.00) or still valid (no entry).

File name and Description
6.xx UNOTE.001 CLOCK/TIMEZONE bug on PC/AT, Xenix 2.2.1
6.xx UNOTE.002 UCORRECT operation details
UNOTE.005 Complex multi-table update in USQL
UNOTE.006 Bug in handling DD/MM/YY date format in both USQL and UFORM
UNOTE.007 All you wanted to know about UCLOCK
6.01 UNOTE.008 3 "rogue" 6.01 SYSGENs
6.01 UNOTE.009 No plotter support in version 6.01
6.01 UNOTE.011 Bug in 6.01 dictionary update
6.01 UNOTE.013 Bug in 6.01 Mail if empty local uniplex.alias
6.xx UNOTE.014 8-bit support in version 6.01 & 6.10
6.xx UNOTE.015 What happens when I print (in version 6)?
6.01 UNOTE.016 6.01 bug causing Word Processor files to be corrupted
6.01 UNOTE.017 System Specific bugs during 6.01 instal: "tr: not found", and "Memory fault - core dumped"
UNOTE.018 "Error: Too many users for UNIPLEX" messages and  Interpreting the Uniplex License key
6.01 UNOTE.019 Customized HELP not available in 6.01 customized  forms
UNOTE.020 Improving shaded overstrike effect on HP Laserjet Series II
Inf2.x UNOTE.021 List of Informix error messages
UNOTE.022 File structure that comprises Uniplex mailbox
6.01 UNOTE.023 While You Were Out 8 Bit Characters (Version 6.01)
UNOTE.024 Fix for Multi Bin Printer Support
UNOTE.025 Forcing Insert Mode Off
UNOTE.026 Footnote Numbering Styles
UNOTE.027 Running Custom Form
UNOTE.028 Printing 66 Lines Per A4 Page
UNOTE.029 Use of the Uniplex command line macro to keep modification history in a document
UNOTE.030 Uniplex popup message delivery - a summary
UNOTE.031 Uniplex Terminfo Entries and SCO Xenix
UNOTE.032 Message Delivery on Motorola Machines
6.01 UNOTE.033 Invalid INIT String in 6.01 Kyocera Pcap Entry
6.01 UNOTE.034 Database Transaction Logging in Uniplex Version  6.01 and Below
UNOTE.035 Support for Wyse99GT
UNOTE.036 Problems Using AGS with SCO CGI 1.
UNOTE.037 Re-Awakening Uniplex Processes
6.10 UNOTE.038 Installation of Dictionaries and the $PORT Variable (6.10)
UNOTE.039 The Structure of a Keytape
UNOTE.040 Characters used by Uniplex
>6.01 UNOTE.041 Graphics with TERM set to ansi or ansicolor (6.10)
>6.01 UNOTE.042 8-bit company names & keygen, Version 6.10
UNOTE.043 Additional ufill documentation
UNOTE.044 Keytape decoding shell script
UNOTE.045 Uniplex Cut & Paste Buffers
UNOTE.046 Changing the "to" string for indexes
<9.00 UNOTE.047 Number of words in each Uniplex dictionary
UNOTE.048 String concatenation in spreadsheets
UNOTE.049 Standard deviation using ucalc
<7.02 UNOTE.050 Rounding in the Uniplex spreadsheet
UNOTE.051 Incorrectly formatted decimal numbers when using  the spreadsheet and database.
<7.02 UNOTE.052 Batch update of folio entries
UNOTE.053 Cleaning out old entries from Uniplex diaries
6.10 UNOTE.054 Undocumented ucalc parameters for 6.10
UNOTE.055 Bug in ucalc (issi mode)
UNOTE.056 Example spreadsheet macro
6.01 UNOTE.057 Running report writer from database forms 
>6.01 UNOTE.058 Printing multiple copies while editing a document 
UNOTE.059 Automatic table of contents generation
UNOTE.060 Mailshot address file corrupted when edited with WP
UNOTE.061 "Cannot open temporary file uniplex.key.TMP"
>6.10 UNOTE.062 New Configuration / Parameter Files in Uniplex 
<7.02 UNOTE.063 "Database mismatch" when specifying a BASE 1 license key.~
UNOTE.064 Configuring the Report Writer to use the European Decimal separator.
UNOTE.065 "Reply out of range" when editing a print style
UNOTE.066 Problems with V6 sites receiving V7 mail
6.10 UNOTE.067 Shell escapes
>7.00 UNOTE.068 New uniplex.cmd "F" commands
>6.01 UNOTE.069 Wyse 60 softkey line
6.10 UNOTE.070 Berkeley job control
UNOTE.071 Uniplex and SCO International 8-bit Supplement
7.00 UNOTE.072 Pound displays as reverse video question mark (DOS)
UNOTE.073 Uniplex and the HP IID printer
UNOTE.074 Uniplex TRASH directory on UNIX V release 3.1 and above
UNOTE.075 Formfill or Report Writer data incorrectly printed
6.10 UNOTE.076 "Out of memory" after 6.01 to 6.10 upgr
UNOTE.077 What is pfilter and what does it do?
UNOTE.078 New flag to the uniplex binary
UNOTE.079 Uniplex to IBM PROFS connection
>7.00 UNOTE.080 Uniplex Message Delivery under V7 with windows
UNOTE.081 Undocumented spreadsheet print parameters
UNOTE.082 Mail filter programs (RMFILTER)
6.10 UNOTE.083 Spell checking failures
UNOTE.084 An explanation of the Uniplex line spacing command (.SP)
UNOTE.085 Use of quotation marks in uniplex.sys
UNOTE.086 Running Multiple Uniplex Languages One One Machine
UNOTE.087 The Diary ISAM Structure
UNOTE.088 Cutting and pasting data in ucard
UNOTE.089 Easiletter and phone and address list
UNOTE.090 Using the sign with Uniplex
UNOTE.091 Multiple Spreadsheet lists
UNOTE.092 Folios Management in Windows
<7.02 UNOTE.093 NFS Uniplex Networking - Diaries
<8.00 UNOTE.094 Examples on configuring Uniplex Windows through XDesktop rule files
UNOTE.095 Setting Up The IBM RS6000 Print Services
UNOTE.096 Uniplex 8-bit support and SCO International Supplement Utilities
UNOTE.097 An Introduction to Font Configuration in Uniplex Windows
<8.00 UNOTE.098 Cannot convert "uniplex/xxx.px" to type Pixmap
UNOTE.099 Ucard as a Mail Alias Database
UNOTE.100 Using other Databases from within Ucalc
<8.00 UNOTE.101 Folios Technical Information
UNOTE.102 Boxing and multiple format attributes in Mail-shot
>7.00 UNOTE.103 All about Alarm Delivery/Notifications
UNOTE.104 Database Permissions Script
UNOTE.105 Destructive Backspace key in Uniplex Windows (uterm)
UNOTE.106 Bubblejet Drivers and the APP
UNOTE.107 Spreadsheet List File Problems
UNOTE.108 Ucalc wish workarounds
UNOTE.109 Cleaning up Mail Directories
UNOTE.110 EasiMail from a WP Document
UNOTE.111 Using the Unix "at" command to delay Electronic Mail
7.02 UNOTE.112 Null Checking in uform 
UNOTE.113 Fonts not printing with Italian product~
UNOTE.114 Alternative dictionary words are not displayed when spelling with Italian product
UNOTE.115 Mixed Orientation Printing
UNOTE.116 How to change the foreground/background colour of  your Uniplex Windows application (uterm)
>8.00 UNOTE.117 Database Upgrade - Informix 2.1 to 5.0SE
UNOTE.118 Mail Binary Attachments Configuration Example
UNOTE.119 PostScript Manual Paper Feeding
UNOTE.120 Save Spreadsheets in List format by default
UNOTE.121 MODE=B -External Mail Pickup Problem
UNOTE.122 Adding Boxing Lines in the Spreadsheet
>8.00 UNOTE.123 File Manager error: Failed to read udastc.msg
UNOTE.124 How to disable the Shell command from FileManager
UNOTE.index A List of all Unotes in Uniplex WP format.
UTECH.001 Guidelines for standard UNIPLEX setup for terminals
UTECH.004 Rgip (Uniplex Graphics Format) Definition and Use
UTECH.006 Word Processor Document Structure
UTECH.007 Business Graphics Template
UTECH.008 Spreadsheet - Ucalc Command/List File Format
UTECH.010 Using HP-GL Plotters with Uniplex
ascii.chart X-Open Character listing