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Universal Mail Server (UMS) Overview

The Universal Mail Server (UMS) is a general purpose POP3 and IMAP-compliant mail server and mail store that allows management of one or more mail domains from a single mail server. Organizations of any size may quickly and easily establish one or more mail domains on their servers. Setup of mail accounts for users is fast, giving style addresses in a matter of minutes. For larger organizations, the mailstore may be spread across multiple servers for load balancing

It has been installed in vast numbers of organizations for over 15 years, ranging from small departmental systems to worldwide corporations with thousands of users. It has a proven, reliable and robust architecture

UMS has a very small server footprint requiring nominal system resource. Once installed, the UMS server requires minimal administration - a suite of flexible utilities is provided to keep the system running smoothly. The design of the mailstore facilitates backups at any level of an organizational hierarchy, from a single user to the entire enterprise.

The simple yet powerful structure of UMS makes it easy to integrate existing server applications and complementary applications, such as spam filters, virus checkers and intelligent foldering. While highly configurable so that it may be tailored to meet organizational requirements, UMS is also extremely secure.

E-mail users have a range of choices when it comes to selecting a client to use. Character terminals, X-Windows devices, Web clients and Microsoft Windows clients are all supported through the use of the IMAP and POP3 standards. Any e-mail client which supports the IMAP or POP3 standards may be used with UMS. Some examples are: Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator, Eudora and Pine.

UMS is also completely scaleable, operating with equal efficiency on small Linux machines through large scale Unix servers.

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