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Universal Mail Server (UMS) Features and Benfits




Enterprise  Platform       Support

Universal Mail Server supports a wide variety of client platforms including PIMS, Notebooks, Desktops and Character and X Display Devices.

Provides true Enterprise connectivity.  All operating departments can communicate, not just those with the latest technology.

Universal Client Support

IMAP Server

Universal Mail Server supports all IMAP-4 release 1 compliant mail clients, including MS/Outlook, Browsers and third-party software.

Maximizes user productivity by supporting any choice of mail client

Client Server
All work is processed and stored on the Server and available from any connected client. Enhances interactivity.  Supports distributed users.
POP3 Server Fully compliant POP3 server Allow all your mail clients to access and retrieve their email with the industry standard mail protocol.
LDAP Client Allows Character and X Display devices to utilize organization's LDAP directory server. Simplifies and unifies directory management and maintenance.

Universal Mail Server processes mail upon receipt by sendmail and stores in individual files.  Thus the sendmail store is small and mail messages segregated by user. 

A smaller sendmail store results in better system throughput and better system integrity.
Selective Backup

The Universal Mail Server mail store is organized to facilitate backup at any level of organizational hierarchy, from individual user to enterprise.

Provides the best tradeoff between system performance and reliability.

Customizable Menus and functions are completely customizable. Easily integrate into other applicatons such as workflow and fax.

Command Line

A Unix shell command provides a simple way to send mail messages from a program.  Automatic mail messages can easily be sent to users.

Alerts, system messages and other periodic mail is supported without human effort.

MIME Gateway


Complete support for Internet mail messaging allows the mail header to identify attachment types and to handle them correctly. Document converters translate Uniplex and non-Uniplex formats.

Mail attachments of any sort can be sent and received including Uniplex and third-party formats; Uniplex and non-Uniplex mail users.

Tracking Complete activity logging. Full control over security

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