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Support Procedures

Uniplex Support will use its best efforts to respond within six hours after a call has been submitted. A Uniplex tracking number will be assigned and an initial attempt will be made to fix the problem or the support engineer will assist in precisely identifying the software problem. A correction or workaround will be provided via mail, e-mail, facsimile, or telephone if the software problem has previously been corrected.

Calls will be categorized into four levels which will set the priority for further problem determination, escalation, research, and development of emergency bypass procedures or temporary fixes according to the following plan for each problem which can be replicated:

Critical. Fatal errors, including defects preventing all useful work or loss or corruption of customer data. All reasonable, continuous efforts will be provided until the problem is resolved.

High. Degraded operations including defects disabling major functions of the product. Reasonable efforts to provide a workaround plus consideration of a fix for inclusion in the next maintenance update.

Medium. Minimal impact with defects that disable certain nonessential functions of the product. A fix will be considered for inclusion in the next maintenance update.

Low. Request for enhancement or change in a feature or function of the product. The request will be considered for inclusion in the next functional release. Difficulties in understanding the operation of the software or the software documentation will be categorized on the same basis with assistance provided on this priority level until the matter is resolved.

Customers who receive support through a VAR, distributor, or other reseller must call the company from whom they purchase support to receive assistance, even if that third-party has a direct support relationship with Uniplex. Uniplex support personnel will, in normal circumstances, communicate directly only with the entity that contracts directly with Uniplex.

Required Support Information

We must have certain basic information for any support call so that we may respond most efficiently to it. Please provide the following when you submit your support request:

Your Reference Number (if any)
Support Contract Number
Your Support Center Number
Company Name
Name of Person Requesting Support
E-mail Address/Telephone/Facsimile
Version of Uniplex (displays at top of main menu screen)
Module of Uniplex Where Problem Occurs
National Language in which Uniplex is Running
Platform Where Problem Occurred
Operating System Name/Version
Can Problem be Duplicated Consistently?
Detailed Description of Events Leading to Problem
Steps Needed to Duplicate the Problem

Optional Support Information

There is often additional information that may directly relate to the problem. The following information is optional, but any applicable items listed below should be included with the Support Request if they can help Uniplex to further investigate the issue:

• Terminal and/or Printer Manufacturer/Model
• Third-party Software to which Uniplex is Connected/Integrated (i.e., terminal emulator, spooler, menu system, etc.)
• Networking/Communications Environment
• System Environment Changes Made before the Problem Occurred
• Does Problem Relate to a New Install or New Release?
• Attach Relevant Files/Printouts/Error Messages/Examples