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DMS Support Request.

This form lists all of the information required to submit a support request. You may complete and submit this form in lieu of making a telephone call, sending a facsimile, or sending an e-mail.

You must have a Support Contract Number and a Support Center Number to complete this form. Contact your local Uniplex office if you have not been issued with these numbers. Include your name, full company name and address, telephone, facsimile, and e-mail address plus your understanding of the term of the support agreement and your Uniplex License Key (the seven digit number found in the line of information at the top of the Uniplex main menu screen).

Customer Details

We need to know your time zone to ensure the fastest possible response. Please indicate your geographic area:

     USA/Canada/Mexico/South America/Asia/Pacific
     Europe/Middle East/Africa

Customer Reference Number:          
Support Contract Number:            
Support Center Number:              
Organization Name:                  
Contact Name (first/m.i./last):     
Contact E-mail:                     
Support Center Telephone:           
Support Center Facsimile:           

Environment Details

Server Version:                     
Server Platform:                    
Server Platform O/S Version:        
Client Version:                     
Client Platform:                    
Web Server Brand/Version:           
Web Browser Brand/Version:          
National Language:                  
Problem Reproducible?               Yes No

Problem Details

Steps to Reproduce the Problem

Optional Information