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Update Support Details

This form lists all of the information maintained in the Uniplex BUSTS support database for each supported customer. Please complete and submit this form whenever you wish to change or update the information we have on file for your company.

You must have a Support Contract Number and a Support Center Number to complete this form. Contact your local Uniplex office if you have not been issued with these numbers. Include your name, full company name and address, telephone, facsimile, and e-mail address plus your understanding of the terms of the support agreement and your Uniplex License Key (the seven digit number found in the line of information at the top of the Uniplex main menu screen).

Support Center Details

Support Contract Number:            
Support Center Number:              
Support Center Telephone:           
Support Center Facsimile:           
Organization Name:                  
Address Line 1:                     
Address Line 2:                     
State/County/Province, Postal Code: 

Support Personnel

Manager Name (first/m.i./last):     
Manager Telephone:                  
Manager Facsimile:                  
Manager E-mail:                     

Complete telephone, facsimile, and e-mail only if different from those given above:

Contact 1 Name (first/m.i./last):   
Contact 1 Telephone:                
Contact 1 Facsimile:                
Contact 1 E-mail:                   

Contact 2 Name (first/m.i./last):   
Contact 2 Telephone:                
Contact 2 Facsimile:                
Contact 2 E-mail:                   

Contact 3 Name (first/m.i./last):   
Contact 3 Telephone:                
Contact 3 Facsimile:                
Contact 3 E-mail: