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Uniplex Ltd. was established in 1981 in Hemel Hempstead (UK). In July 1994 it became part of the CP Software Group (CPSG) headquartered in California, USA. This global enterprise operates subsidiaries in Asia, Australia, Germany, UK, and USA. The group employees 150 staff worldwide, besides Uniplex CPSG consists of the following divisions:

Interest!ALERT (web-based information system)
InTEXT Systems (text analysis software)
Island Software (productivity software)
MailCentro, Inc. (free portal mail provider)
Media2Net (internet marketing)
Tech Divas (online magazine)
TODAY Systems (GUI software development)
ZapZone (e-mail network)

Corporate Site

For more than 20 years Uniplex has developed and distributed software for office automation, groupware and messaging. In 1994 the company extended the product range with an innovative document management solution, which today represents a fully fledged DRT-solution (Document Related Technologies) containing features such as knowledge management, workflow and archiving. Additional services like consulting, training and API-programming make Uniplex a full service provider.