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onGO Workflow server

What is Workflow?
Workflow systems make it possible to define a series of tasks within an organization to produce a final outcome. At each stage in the workflow, one individual or group is responsible for a specific task. Once the task is complete, the workflow software ensures that the individuals responsible for the next task are notified and receive the data they need to execute their stage of the process.

onGO WorkFlow server
Business processes are to a large extent characterized by the use of different sources of information, the participation of a number of individuals, the distribution of varied procedures plus the simultaneous execution of parallel and sequential activities.

Process management systems (Workflow) facilitate, optimize, and accelerate operational cycles within the enterprise, eCommerce and eBusiness create additional challenges within digital, paperless, process orientated, and departmental/enterprise limits. These challenges can be addressed by workflow systems in the intranet and over the internet.

Simply simple! - The browser makes it possible.
By using a Web-based interface it is possible at any time to merge both internal and external processing components into procedures. This takes place in the Browser by means of the Intra or Internet using the user's personal inbox. Processes can be user or group assigned, access rights permitting.
The use of a clear and concise interface ensures that the system is simple to operate. Other functions available from the inbox include reminders, alarms, attachments, notes and a query option. From the inbox the user can view not only the status of workflow processes requiring their attention but also the complete process overview.

Ad-hoc functions can also be applied to process cycles at short notice. (access rights permitting)

Advantages of onGO WorkFlow solutions

    onGO Workflow improves productivity:
  • Acceleration in turn-around times
  • Improved communication
  • Transparency of complex procedures
  • Expiration/job oriented system support
  • Program supported guidance during processing
  • Integration of application islands
  • Targeted document: right time, right place, right person
  • Process optimization by Workflow data
    onGO WorkFlow helps to reach company targets
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased working quality
  • Reduction of costs
  • Period control and escalation
  • Process cycle status information
    onGO Workflow Benefits
  • Cost and time savings
  • Date loyalty (adherence to delivery dates)
  • Strengthened customer relations (fast response to customer enquiries,error reduction)
  • Effective user auditing (who did what, how, and when)
  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Overview functionalities

  • Effortless integration into the onGO Suite
  • Web-based user interface permits easy access without (additional) client installation
  • Rule-based Workflow with comprehensive user and rights administration
  • Graphic design interface with drag and drop functions, ensures the intuitive workflow models
  • And/or Routing makes complex process scenarios possible
  • Decision management
  • Date management. (Milestones)
  • (Serial) Routing of document packages
  • Delegation and deputy function
  • Procedures can interrupted by the process co-ordinator, stopped and resumed
  • Audit trails allow easy retracing of the procedures
  • Version control on routed documents
  • Adaptive access rights during Routing ensures that users only see, what they are supposed to see
  • Personal task lists, showing all task/procedures
  • Simple extension of tasks
  • Notification by E-Mail and/or portal

Software environment
onGO version 5.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher

Operating systems
Microsoft Windows 2000
SUN Solaris 2,6/7/8
AIX 4.3+
HP-UX 11.11