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onGO DMS Product Overview


Information is nothing without Control!
Information under control?
The electronic information explosion: Currently 1.5 billion document pages are created worldwide on a daily basis, this figure is expected to increase by 25% annually. It’s frightening, how many precious working hours are invested in managing the growing electronic document flood. Managers spend on average 450 hours per year searching for documents. The administration, revision, processing, and distribution of information require resources on a daily basis, resources that could be put to better use. Manual document administration can waste up to 60% of the working day, this in turn has a direct impact on operating costs! Skilled workers can be put to better use! Statistics show manual administration results in a 3 percent loss of documents.

Controlled information management with onGO DMS.
Department, company, web, worldwide!

Save time, money, and anxiety. onGO DMS from Uniplex is one of the market leading information and document management systems, a tool to manage your entire electronic document administration. As a partner onGO DMS actively and reliably takes control of the information flood, providing excellent communications and guaranteed circulation of data. You define structure, access rights, distribution, and linking mechanisms - the central administration of onGO DMS takes care of “right time, right place, right delivery” and provides a complete life cycle.

onGO DMS. Grows with your company.
Ease of use, intelligent, and flexible. onGO DMS meets the individual requirements for companies of any size by using scalable client/server architecture. Are you expanding? onGO DMS expands with you! It’s open, immediately operational, supports growth with add-on onGO Modules and integrates with your existing EDP with its intuitive web or MS Windows look & feel user interfaces. Don‘t lose any time. onGO DMS!

onGO DMS. Real protection of investment.
onGO DMS can be integrated with existing office applications easily and without complications. With client/server architecture onGO DMS supports UNIX and Windows servers and access mechanisms, either via the web or from within the LAN. With interfaces to all common systems onGO DMS offers open, fast, and expandable technology, to fulfil your current and future requirements and provide solid return on investment, e.g.

  • Hassle-free integration with existing EDP
  • No downtimes due to step-by-step implementation of onGO DMS
  • Existing email systems can be used as the message distributor
  • Internal viewer allowing users to view document formats without the need for the application to be installed locally
  • onGO DMS functions can be executed via any common web browser

onGO DMS - the solution for today and the future!
Currently the IT arena is dominated by the acronyms ECM (Enterprise Content Management), DRT (Document Related Technologies) and DMS (Document Management System in the broadest sense).

These acronyms relate to the integration of business, technical, and office applications and the administration and control of the data created in these applications, this data should be kept centrally in one single system.

Thus these acronyms stand - with regards to content – for the central technology of information systems within the data processing infrastructure.

The necessity arises that these systems are not operated only as pure standalone applications but as “Single points of information” so that they cover the whole area of information management (IMS). These areas include workflow, content and knowledge-management, internet, intranet and extranet-support, archiving, and digital signature.

    Efficiency, safety, cost reduction.
  • Central information administration, and security
  • Active, dynamic document management
  • Automation and standardisation of the information flood
  • Latest data guarantee
  • Safety and security of investment
  • Improved communication strategies
  • Transparent information
  • Increased efficiency, profitability, and productivity
  • Open, flexible, easy to use
  • Expandable at any time with intelligent add-on modules
  • Quality assurance
    Central operating interface
  • Browser based, access from anywhere at any time or
  • LAN-based - intuitive operation via MS Windows look & feel
  • User transparency
  • Information based working



The modern architecture of onGO DMS offers enterprises the ability to design their information system to meet their needs, with simultaneous consideration for security, stability, performance and flexibility.

The 3 layer concept and the modular structure represent the corner pillars for this innovative structure.

    Open system
  • Standard APIs (C, C++, COM, Automation, PHP)
  • SDK (PHP-based, class-related toolkit)
  • Application framework (modular design of onGO DMS for integration into a web- surrounding)
  • Integration into office-environments (OLE, automation, Visual Basic)
  • Optical long-term archive (e.g. HYP­ARCHIV, IXOS, EMC² Centera and others)
  • Workflow (e.g. Flying Dog, Powerwork and others)
  • Knowledgeware (e.g. amenotec)
  • Qualified signature (e.g. AuthentiDate, SignCubes)
  • Extensive integration and adjustments into any applications possible (e.g. Siebel)


onGO DMS Server
Within the onGO product portfolio the DMS server is the technical platform for the implementation of the electronic document repository. It saves, administers, and controls all documents which are to be accessed. The onGO DMS server is based on a database with one or more storerooms. Metadata of the documents (not the documents themselves) and administration data (e.g. version and revision details, author, creation and change dates, etc.) are saved in the database. Furthermore it stores the references to the documents, which are filed themselves in the storeroom. The database and storeroom are therefore seamlessly connected with each other.
Standard features: Format independent central filing, access right administration, versions and revisions, document history, document life duration definitions, intelligent search mechanisms, (index, full text, expandable with associative and semantic search), document classes, user attributes, viewer, document-related multilinkings, approval procedures, active notification system, ad-hoc workflow, mobile working, integration into standard applications.
Benefits: Central data management; security; high availability

onGO WorkFlow Server
is an efficient, enterprise-wide, scalable workflow server for the automation of business processes. The Engine controls the process flow and determines how the process must be passed on. The process is logged creating an audit trail.

The onGO WorkFlow Designer
is a graphical tool for designing process flows, user masks, and functions e.g. Conditions, escalations, delegates.
Benefits: Central process control; modest administration; high efficiency

onGO onWEB
is a browser based framework to connect applications to onGO DMS. Technically speaking it means bringing the SAPI into the web.
The onWEB client enables users to view, check out, revise, check in and create documents/folders via the Inter or Intranet using a standard web browser. onWEB integrates itself in existing Inter/intranet environments whilst keeping the corporate design. If the onGO WorkFlow server is installed onWEB is extended with the following functionality: users have the ability to access workflow processes via the Internet. Features: - task lists, graphic process status, user-driven prioritisation, automatic notifications, away from office delegation
Benefits: Customisable interface to match corporate identity, transparency, high user acceptance, configurable functions, Increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of enterprise processes,

onGO WindowsClient
is a client program for use with MS Windows. It features classical DMS functionalities such as: - Document creation, administration of data, structures and procedures, Check-In / Check-Out functions, version and revisions, access rights, creation of document classes and extended custom attributes, to name but a few.

onGO onDAV
allows transparent administration of web folders and documents directly from MS Windows Explorer without any additional client. Thus every application which is WebDAV-capable can access the onGO DMS repository directly via web folders.
Benefits: Uses MS Windows Explorer, no additional training, high user acceptance, high efficiency

is an additional client component in the WebDAV environment which extends the functional range of onGO DMS within the MS Windows filesystem. The current disadvantage of WebDAV technology is the fact that only so-called "WebDAV enabled" applications can be used with this protocol. onDrive eliminates this restriction and converts the application path into a genuine drive assembly letter. Thus all applications can be treated as in the MS Windows filesystem. When using a terminal server this component is necessary, in order to permit "single Sign on".

onGO eXTensions
is an additional server component, which extends the communication with onGO DMS over the MS Windows filesystem. onGO eXTensions supplements the context sensitive dialogue functions e.g. Login, Logout, Check-In/Check-Out, new document, new file, document attributes and access rights. onGO eXTensions are freely adaptable and can be developed if necessary to a "fully-functional Client".

onGO MS-ADDinns
are additional components, which make it possible to access onGO DMS directly from Microsoft Office applications. They facilitate the working with onGO DMS, by executing DMS functions directly from the leading application, e.g. MS Word. (Check-In/Check-Out, search, favourites, task list, access rights, attributes). The MS-ADDinns works independently of the any installed onGO DMS Client and are available for MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel.

onGO MAILocate
Independent of your e-mail architecture onGO MAILocate forwards mail on to onGO DMS based on a set of rules defined by the user. Messages are automatically classified and assigned to the appropriate business transaction. Attachments are detached, linked to the content of the e-mail and then a full text index is created for research.
Benefits: Optimisation of incoming mail; central data management; redundancy avoidance

onGO inMotion
is a mobile component which allows users to examine documents independently from onGO DMS, on your local Desktop via index or full text retrieval. Documents are stored on a CD or a DVD (self supporting DMS) and thus they may be accessed without a direct line to the onGO DMS server.
Benefits: Mobile working; professionalism; time-savings

onGO DocRouter
is responsible for the collection of information. Based on content analysis and by individual interest profiles, users are provided with the appropriate information.
Benefits: Time-saving; intelligent information distribution

offers sophisticated search mechanisms, which permit high-speed searches on indexed fields. Twenty five different search criteria can be arbitrarily combined through logical and/or linking references. In addition any desired combination of user-defined attributes can also be specified.
All documents are automatically converted into an alpha format; from this a full text index is created, on this index full text searches can be processed. The software technology used in the associative search offers an innovative solution for the administration and storing of unstructured digital information, especially files in word processing and HTML formats.


facilitates health insurance companies to act “up to date”, economical and efficient in the support and communication with their insured. One component of this modular solution is the structured and transparent preparation and availability of insured and employer files.

is the modular solution for the preparation of sqm documents. It contains process handling, document management and revision sure storage enabling transparency, and time-saving in fulfilling standards (e.g. ISO 9000).

is specially designed for the areas Workflow, Document Management and Archiving in the Public Authority sector. onGOvernment complies with the requirements of DOMEA, ELAK and GEVER standards for DMS systems.

is designed for digital application management in HR divisions. The base functionality of this web based application is to make sure that information is available at any time regardless of where it is stored. Automated processes, passing of applicant files, approvals and releases of testimonials, are only some of its functions.

is a web based application for contract management. Designed for the Enterprise onContract manages the complete life cycle of contracts: from creation, enquiries, revision, approval and release, cancellation, and termination.

is as a web based information management system providing the tools for recording, processing, searching, administration and filing of documents designed especially for commerce chambers and public bodies.


    Increased efficiency
  • Single Point of Information
  • Faster and easier access
  • Reduced search times
  • Electronic file flow
  • Co-operative working
  • Mobile work places
  • Direct web-publishing
  • Automatic web update
  • Traceability
  • Version and revision administration
  • Document History
  • Proactive system notification of:
    • New documents/files
    • Availability
    • Document changes
    • Status changes

  • Workflow management
  • Reduction in wait times
  • Automation of processes
  • Control through timed operations
  • Authorisation procedures
    Document security
  • Access control
  • Access rights
  • Compressed encrypted filing
  • Two-phase database commit
  • Usage of existing net security systems

    Central database organisation
  • Data security
  • Clarity of information
  • Transparent access
  • Simple administration
  • High availability
  • Open system architecture
  • Protected Investment through integration of standard products
  • User specific adjustments
  • Flexibility through programmed interfaces
  • Scalability
  • Hassle-free system extension
  • Modular design
  • Cross platform

At a Glance

  • Products
onGO Modules
onGO onWEB
onGO WindowsClient
MS Windows Client
onGO onDAV
Explorer Client
onGO onDrive
onDAV enhancement "real drive letter"
onGO eXTensions
Enhancement of the context sensitive dialog functions
onGO MS-ADDinns
Direct access from within Microsoft applications to onGO DMS
onGO MAILocate
E-mail routing
onGO inMotion
Offline working
onGO DocRouter
Knowledge Management
onGO onSearch
Sophisticated Search mechanisms

onGO server technologies
onGO DMS Server
Enterprise information server
onGO WorkFlow Server
Process control server
SDKs: COM, onGO Portal (application framework)
  • Solutions
onGO Business line solution
Quality management solution
Chambers and associations solution
Public sector solution
Application management solution
Contract management solution
Health insurances solution

  • Services
    Customer specific solutions based on onGO DMS
    Project development

  • Additional DRT components
    Qualified electronic signatures
    Revision saved long time archiving