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Professional Services - Consulting.

Uniplex can offer extensive, on-site consulting services to assist with initial system installation and configuration, system upgrades, customization, network design and implementation, application integration, document conversion, printer and terminal configuration, and any other professional services that may be required to implement your office solution.

We strongly recommend that any users upgrading to the new UBS Version 9 or Version 10.0, onGO DMS or onGO Office, particularly from an older release, consider purchasing two days of on-site consulting. Our typical package of consulting services for a system upgrade includes supervision of the upgrade installation, development of a conversion plan for any documents in old formats, assurance that all custom configurations are moved forward, thorough checkout of all system parameters, and review of all routine maintenance procedures. All appropriate administrative procedures are reviewed with the system manager and new product features are covered on an overview basis. This service is especially important if the upgrade will include a platform conversion.

Please contact your local Uniplex sales office for more information.